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New Website & Ongoing Care for Huffine Global Solutions

Huffine Global Solutions (HGS) helps nations transform their natural resources into sustainable health and prosperity for its people.

HGS expands their client’s reach by matching them with the needs of the international community. Their current projects are in Cameroon, South Sudan and Azerbaijan.

They work alongside U.S.-based and international business partners whose vision they share, and match them with projects around the world.

Huffine Global Solutions has remote workers around the world.

How we helped Huffine Global Solutions

  • Hosting their website
  • Executing professionally designed layout
  • Developing both mobile-friendly & desktop-friendly versions
  • Optimizing all their images
  • Speeding up their website with software caching
  • Connecting Google Analytics for valuable insights
  • Securing their website from attackers
  • Creating a newsletter registration workflow from website to email and Google Sheets
  • Ongoing editorial maintenance

Huffine Global Solutions (homepage)