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All-in-one Website Services


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy has many facets. Don’t worry, we’ll focus on just a key few to get your enrollment growing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing typically refers to pay-per-click on search engine results pages and digital ads on social networks.

We help you figure out how best to market to your prospective parents.

Social Media Channel Plans

Recent trends in social media dictate that these platforms may not be what they used to when it comes to growing your audience.

However, social media is still a great way to engage with your audience to ensure they get help when needed.

We help you create and execute your social media plan to engage and delight your audience.

Search Optimization (including local SEO)

There are many things which go into optimizing your website for search engines, including local results.

  • speed
  • relevant and easy to read content
  • submission to local online directories
  • online directory accuracy verification
  • reputation monitoring & management

The list is quite extensive. We take care of you so you don’t have to sweat the details.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to reach your prospective parents. Do you have an email list? No? We’ll help get you started.

Already have your list? Great! We’ll work together on creating hand-crafted, beautiful emails that will be on Brand to draw in your prospective parents.

Brand Identity

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We make sure your best foot is always forward.

Brand Guidelines

Really, having branding guidelines comes down to one thing – giving your audience a consistent, positive experience to build loyalty and trust.

Your brand guidelines will help you more effectively communicate with your prospective parents.


Your logo is one of your most recognizable key identifiers and should be used strategically throughout all marketing efforts.

We’ll make sure you’re using it in all the right places and that it’s the approved version set up in your Brand Guidelines.

When you’re consistent you’ll help build loyalty and trust with your prospective parents.


What color is UPS? What color is Google? What color is Pizza Hut? 

Color can make a significant impact on perceptions of your school. 

Being consistent with your color usage across your website and other branding materials continues to build loyalty and trust with your prospective parents.


The fonts you use help tie the rest of your Branding Guidelines together.

You’ll want to stay consistent on your letterhead, cards, website and all the rest of your marketing collateral to build loyalty and trust with your prospective parents. We’ll help you make that happen.

Design, Development & (Fast!) Hosting

Don’t build your house on the sand. Don’t build it to near the shore. Build it on something that will last.


We implement your branding guidelines across all your marketing collateral to ensure all your prospective parents see your good side.

Web Development

We make sure your website is reliable, secure and speedy.

But, just in case, we also continuously scan your website for security loopholes and malware.

(Fast!) Hosting Solutions

Google and users likes speed. The faster your website the better, which is why we spend copious amounts of time tweaking your server for maximum potential.

Google and users also like uptime. We track website uptime to make sure your front door is always open.

SSL Certificates

Google and other search engines have begun using this as a “quality” identifier and will rank your website higher if your site uses an SSL certificate.

Whether you have an online store or not, customers notice the little green or red indicator next to your domain name in the browser bar.

    User Experience

    Gain insight from your competitors and your users. Then build the right solution in the right way.

    Content Strategy

    Use content strategy to bring new ideas to light quickly, drop bad ideas even quicker and to find consensus on how to move forward with marketing.

    Content Marketing

    Use well written, easy to understand content to show off your knowledge and wisdom to prospective parents.

    This helps sell your faculty and institution to parents looking for a full-featured institution.

    Information Architecture

    We’ll help organize your website in such a way that will help your prospective parents make an informed decision and feel good about it.

    This is key to helping them move from a prospect to a paying customer.

    User Research & Analytics

    Don’t waste time creating something that no one wants. Use research and analytics on your old website to help launch your new one.

    Usability Testing

    Usability testing shows you exactly where your website is failing your prospective parents. It’s also fast and cheap. So, there’s no excuse for skipping this extremely valuable step.